Rated 1.0

Matt Dillon needs to fire his agent. This is his second armored truck movie in a row … make that second bad armored truck movie in a row. This time out, he plays a grouchy cop (again) who tries to juggle his personal life with busting bad guys. He’s up against a criminal posse that includes the extremely intimidating Hayden Christensen, the boring Paul Walker, and that asshole Chris Brown. Their group usually takes long breaks before heists, but when an ex-group member (T.I.) gets out of prison, he gives them an offer they can’t refuse. The action is haphazard and useless, all the performers look lost, and it wastes Zoe Saldana. Doesn’t look like Dillon has anything on his future slate … good. Take a break, Matt, come back, and reinvent yourself. No more heist movies for at least 20 years, and perhaps no cranky cop roles, either.