Rated 2.0 Liam Neeson is a total badass in this movie for sure, but the film itself is a little too much to take. Neeson plays an ex-CIA guy who retires to be closer to his 17-year-old daughter (played by the 25-year-old Maggie Grace). The girl takes a trip to France, where she is kidnapped by sex traders mere hours after landing. Neeson, who learns from former associates that he has an estimated 96 hours to save her, flies into action and leaves many people dead in his wake. The good thing about the movie is that the bad guys are truly despicable, and it’s pleasing to watch Neeson tear them apart. On the other hand, the Neeson character is just too damned good at what he does, and it goes to preposterous levels. It’s a good-looking, sometimes effective movie that is ultimately too ridiculous for its own good.