Take Great Pictures


The press relations person at TakeGreatPictures.com never gives up. “We invited mayors of cities from around the nation to submit photos,” she said. “And the photo by Reno’s mayor, um … [rustling paper sounds] … Jeff Griffin was selected to be on our site.” Griffin’s photo of Reno is swell: “As night falls, the casinos and other attractions light up downtown Reno. We are a vibrant, growing city on the western slope of the Sierras [sic].” Griffin’s future as a flack is probably more secure than that of the chick at TakeGreatPictures.com, where dozens of gazillion-byte photo files are lumped on the same page so viewers can enjoy waiting 10-20 minutes for it to load. The site has frame problems, confusing buttons and a hideous layout. Still, you gotta love our proud mayor and his willingness to endlessly promote Reno.