Take a stand

Wil Stand

Photo By D. Brian Burghart

It’s not often a candidate for United States Senate wanders into the editorial offices of the Reno News & Review, but it does happened occasionally. We took the opportunity for an impromptu 15 Minutes interview. Wil Stand of Sparks is a deliberate speaking, thoughtful man who may get some advantage this election season by virtue of the fact that he doesn’t appear to support the status quo.

You are a candidate for Senate.

I am a candidate for the United States Senate for the citizens of Nevada.

And you’re listed as non-partisan, but you are running under which party?

Under the media designation granted to me by Ross Miller, the Secretary of State … it’s been granted to those who are running along with me, including the incumbent Harry Reid, to have a party affiliation. And as an independent, non-partisan, I chose as my party affiliation name “Liberty or Death.”

And why are you running for Senate?

To tell the truth.

What do you want to tell the truth about?

I would tell the truth regarding all topics related to the citizens of Nevada. You could start with Reno or Sparks. You could start with the letters of the alphabet. The names and the places, the locations of those areas in the state which have a desire to continue to participate regarding the future of the state, Nevada. The individuals in the state who are citizens of the smaller areas in the state as well as what’s called the United States.

Is there something going on at the federal level that makes you want to be a senator? Is there something that you could change or particularly want to change?

The present topic that I believe today that our sitting president, Barack Obama, wants to bring to a conclusion, a solution, is health care. Health care will not be determined in a way that would satisfy into the future, unless it is discussed at least three times by all of the different medias: newspaper, radio, television, advertisements. The doctors own the hospitals. The doctors get special preference from the IRS. It’s called, “nonprofit,” and then they turn around and turn a profit. So if those two terms are discussed regularly by the Senate and the House and the president, then there will be a solidified conclusion for a future reference to health care.

Have you run for office before?

No. … Well, yes, I have.

What offices have you run for?

I ran against Obama for the United States president.

You get any votes?

No. I didn’t get on the ballot. But I did go to Iowa, and I did go to New Hampshire, and I had a P.O. box in Smithridge Station here in Reno, I had a P.O. box in Des Moines, Iowa, and I had a post office box in Laconia, New Hampshire.

Are you a resident of Nevada?

Since 2001.

What do you do or have you done for work?

I’ve been an educator in five states, not always under contract.

Does that mean a teacher?

I will share that with you. Yes. But, no, I would be an educator not a teacher. The difference is I work with my students to help them understand how to think. That is, question. Not what to think.