Taco takeout

These tacos are superior to your wimpy tacos.

These tacos are superior to your wimpy tacos.


Taqueria Superior is open 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Taqueria Superior

2201 Prater Way
Sparks, NV 89431

(775) 358-4228

Taqueria Superior is a terrific place when you want quick, fresh Mexican food for very little money—as long as you don’t mind the view of a police shakedown happening just across the street.

That’s the view my husband and I witnessed during our first visit since the restaurant changed owners last November. Little has changed in terms of the décor, which is still a startling orange, including the Formica tables, the walls, the chairs, the counter—all of it manages to be loud, though sparse. The place was clean enough and the help friendly. We had just returned from a day outside and had that deep hunger caused by so much fresh air. We were in the mood for fish tacos ($2.60)—lots of them. We ordered six, as well as a veggie burrito ($3.75).

Our food was prepared by two diminutive, elderly women who were only visible when they emerged from behind the kitchen barrier. They knew what they were doing, though, and our tacos were burgeoning with greens and crispy fish pieces. Delicious in their own right, this still did not prevent us from indulging in criminal amounts of the fresh salsa from the self-serve bar. The salsa is one of the best parts of Taqueria Superior—it’s chunky, spicy and fresh. Thirteen empty salsa containers later, our tacos and burrito were perfect, and gone within seconds. We went home more content than the object of Sparks PD’s attentions, whose arrest was still in progress.

To my husband’s delight, one of the changes to come with new ownership is the return of the breakfast burrito ($3.50), which is a humongous and tasty mix of eggs, potatoes and cheese with a choice of ham, bacon, chorizo or sausage. We so enjoyed our visit to Taqueria Superior that when we woke up the next morning, we decided to go back for breakfast. It was a lazy Saturday, and who feels like making food when there are perfectly good breakfast burritos to be had down the street? We ate at home this time, which may be the best way to enjoy Taqueria Superior.

This restaurant offers a decent variety of freshly made authentic Mexican food. The menu includes the usual, such as quesadillas (regular $2.89, super $4.75), chile relleno ($6.99), enchiladas (three for $7.50) and flautas (three for $5.99). The most expensive thing on the menu is a seven seas platter ($9.99). It’s quick, cheap and very tasty. Still, the only views are of a Texaco and a dusty, busy street and a solitary television hanging on the wall fills the place with needless chatter. If you want ambiance, taking the food home is your best option.

If you’re in the area and have the urge for yummy, authentic Mexican food, stop by and enjoy. But if you can, take the extra time to drive home before you eat. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it even more.