Sweatin’ cars

Dave Saville

Photo By David Robert

Dave Saville is executive director of Hot August Nights, and he keeps so busy that he hardly has the chance to enjoy what he, his staff and 850 volunteers spend all year organizing. At the is seen by about 52 million folks. We’re also starting a day early this year, so we’ll have five nights of free entertainment. On Friday and Saturday, we’re bringing in the Trucker Fest, which will have classic and new 18-wheelers. They’ll be cruising under the Arch in Reno. There will be more to see and do than you can possibly see and do.

What’ll you be doing Aug. 3 through 10?

Those will be 20-hour days for me. From 7 in the morning until 1 or 2 the next morning, I’ll be someplace. And with Good Morning America coming, we’ll have to be downtown at 2 in the morning, making sure it looks like a live shot at high noon for people in New York. I work so much that it’s fun only when I see the smiles on the people’s faces. This event is done with a lot of elbow grease from a lot of people, and they’ll be out there working to drive tourists to Reno.

What’s your favorite car?

My favorite car is any one of the 500 that are registered.

Who is your favorite ‘50s or ‘60s nostalgic band?

The Righteous Brothers.

Vanilla Coke or milkshake?

Vanilla Coke.

Are there any concerns about riots or disturbances?

No. We meet with [law enforcement] year round. They have a job to do and are fully ready to take care of any situation that may occur. What happened [in 1998] was not part of the Hot August Nights activities. It happened at 1 in the morning after I was already in bed. I just hope [people] come and enjoy what we’ve worked hard for the whole year, which is to bring a week of fun to everybody. We hope we’ve planned a great party.