Swamping down the clean

When you take a look at the Trump Cabinet, you really can’t be blamed for thinking that something sorta fishy is going on. I mean, the Secretary of Interior is David Bernhardt, ex-lobbyist for the petroleum industry. The Health and Human Services secretary is ex-pharmaceutical industry lobbyist Alex Azar. The new temporary Defense secretary is ex-lobbyist for military contractors Mark Esper. The EPA chief is ex-coal industry lobbyist Andrew Wheeler.

All in all, the naked corruption is simply breathtaking in its brazenness. Indeed, I actually appreciate the transparency. I don’t think there’s much in the way of craftiness or guile or deception going on here, right? This guy just does what he wants, appoints all the inappropriate wolves to guard the various chicken coops, and if you don’t like it, well—tough. “What’s it to ya? Piss off, pal.” And guess what? This “Piss off, pal” approach is doing exactly what it’s intended to do, which is buy time.

My favorite recent Twitler moment came when he was talking about the Mueller probe, and he was trying to use the word “origins.” Only he couldn’t say it. He literally could not say that particular three-syllable word. Instead, the word that fell out of his burger-hole was “oranges.” So here’s the Prez, talking about the “oranges” of the Mueller Report, and in so doing, not exactly sounding like the sharpest knife in the drawer. So, obviously frustrated by this blooper, our plucky DDDOTUS (doddering dipshit dotard) gave it another shot. And sure enough, once again, he said “oranges” instead of “origins.” What the hell, close enough! He then moved on to the next action-packed sentence. It’d be funny if it wasn’t freaking terrifying.

Further proof that we as a country are almost now totally numb to the horror of DDDOTUS? How about a nationally famous advice columnist coming out, accusing the POTUS of rape, and our response is one enormous yawn, followed by a deafening wave of crickets? Can you imagine what the zombies on Fux News would be spitting up on their neckties if Obama had 15 rape accusers in his closet?

Whether it’s picking fights with the Muslims of Iran, or abusing Hispanic immigrants in brutal camps in Texas, we see the dark carnage of Trumpian Sadopopulism in action (these Sadopopulist deeds/statements are precisely how Twitler connects with his base). And make no mistake, the raw cruelty at the border has the stamp of Grand Wizard Supreme Superjerk Stephen Miller all over it.