Super-duper pooper scoopers!

These days, not picking up your doggie’s dookie is likely to earn you heavy fines, and may also land you dangling from a tree in town square by your Shih-Tzu’s leash. Carrying leftover plastic grocery bags is so 20th century. Here’s a series of ultra-modern hands-off tools to keep you from getting down in the dumps over pet messes.

PetPro Ltd.

Want to combine the fun of carnival claw games with the tedious embarrassment of picking up dog crap on your daily walks? Swoop is the size of a large flashlight with a spring-loaded claw covered by a shower-cap style plastic bag. At the push of a button the claw retracts pulling any waste into the plastic bag. Unfortunately, like the carnival games it emulates, the Swoop takes a little skill and luck (but thankfully no quarters) to pull off successfully. While the claw is powerful enough to grab any “prize,” once closed, the seal is not perfect and may create a mess before you can reach a trash can. A well-designed product in the end, the £19.99—around $40—is a good investment if you’re the type of person who always walks away from the fair with a stuffed animal. Of course, with Swoop, you may not want to go home and rest this triumph on top of your pillow.

PetPro Ltd.

Kicking the “plastic bag theory” up a notch, the Dispoz-A-Scoop, also from PetPro Ltd., employs a simple technology to make life a little easier. A cardboard handle rests above a wire frame with a single bag attached. After scooping up the excrement, you press down on the handle to bring the wire frame up into the cardboard, thus sealing the bag. Despite being a simple design, the product is sturdy and not easily bent or damaged. A box of 25 bags will run about $12, but in the process of scooping, you may smear some of the waste on a part of the product that will remain exposed after closing. Keep some hand wipes handy, but consider this a good emergency plan item.

S.O.A.S Corp

Sometimes Ingenious Innovation forgets to fully discuss things with Practical Execution. The Sha-Poopie, which retails for $19.95, is brilliant in its conception. With a little training for you and your pooch, it could be the answer you’ve been looking for. A telescopic handle leads to a small plastic bucket that’s designed to catch Fido’s loaf before it ever hits the ground. The bucket has a lid, which often is falsely secure, like a plastic coffee lid, but can be closed until you reach a trash can. It’s a little like playing a game of catch with your pooch, so consider it a bonding experience. The major problem is that if you—or your dog—miss, there’s really no Plan B. You’re going to have to actually bend over and pick the shit up.