Rated 5.0

From the first shot of Sunshine, where an apparent zoom-in on the sun turns out to be something completely different, director Danny Boyle is on his way to one of the finest science-fiction films of the last 20 years. While the movie references some great sci-fi directors with its visuals (most notably Stanley Kubrick and Ridley Scott) it is an entity unto its ownand a solid two-hours of wonderment. This establishes Boyle, once and for all, as one of our great directors. It’s the year 2057, and a spaceship called Icarus II is propelling its eight-man crew toward our dying sun. In its payload is a really big bomb meant to re-ignite the star and end snowball fights during summertime in Los Angeles. A great cast, including Cillian Murphy and Chris Evans; a great story, and incredible visuals make this one a must-see and one of the best science fiction films since Close Encounters of the Third Kind.