Sunny days

RN&R’s Summer Family Guide

Do you remember the rest of the year, when kids run all over the house stricken with cabin fever? When crafts projects and board games maintain interest for only so long? When the same old toys on the same old patch of carpet are just losing their appeal?

Me neither.

It’s finally summertime. Sunshine, green grass, sparkling waters. Fresh fruit, family vacations, outdoor patios. Kids, and many of their parents, just want to be outside, and there are plenty of ways to do that in Reno. With Reno News & Review’s second Family Guide of the year, we explore the joys and pains of camping with babies, some of the local offerings for kids’ day camps, summer job options for teens looking for a little spending money, and we look at massages for women who need them most—pregnant ones. That’s the fun stuff. We also turn a discerning eye to the lackluster laws surrounding high chair safety at restaurants and the uncertain new territory of smartphone apps for the wee ones.

We’ll have one more of these Family Guides come November, when sweaters might actually start to sound good again. Until then, here’s wishing you and your family a great summer.