Summer guide 2019

Summer Guide 2019: 24 hours of fun

Summers in Reno can be action-packed. How packed? Twenty-four hours of packed. More packed than a Boy Scout on a field trip. More packed than a kid leaving for college. More packed than a Green Bay football team. More packed than a Nevada sports fan.

The RN&R’s Summer Guide is our annual attempt to point forward to some of the fun stuff happening around the region during—arguably—the most fun season of the year. In the coming pages, you’ll find selections pulled from the most complete events calender in the area. You’ll also find some hints, suggestions and double-dog dares from some longtime Reno insiders.

We like to have some fun with how we present our Summer Guide. In recent years, we’ve made our Summer Guides into maps, calenders and more. Last year, it was a board game. This year, it’s a clock.

But, you might be saying to yourself, my favorite thing about the summer is not watching the clock! You know, no more pencils! No more books! No more teacher’s dirty looks! Why would I want to watch the clock like some kid in school waiting for the bell to ring?

Well, here’s the reason: There’s so much good stuff happening around town that you’ll need to manage your time a bit if you hope to pack it all in. You wouldn’t want to miss out, would you? You don’t want to be scrolling through your Instagram feed, seeing all the fun stuff your buds are up to while you’re sitting at home, eating junk food and crying the useless tears of the FOMO blues, do you? Do you?

Manage your time. Pack it all in. We’re here to help and to prove, once again, that Reno is a 24-hour town. We’re not sure you could actually do all of these events on the same day—after all, some of them are special events that only occur on specific dates—but you can try!