Summer Guide 2003

Jim Bob and Buffy’s discount diamond summer guide

Photo by David Robert

Summertime, Summertime, SumSumSummertime
Here we are. Memorial Day is upon us, the long, dreary springtime has passed like so many winter evenings watching The Simpsons, followed by Seinfeld, followed by Everybody Loves Raymond followed by God only knows what kind of lowest-common-denominator pap with a predictable storyline and unrealistic plots.

And you know what that means: It’s time, once again, for our annual Summer Guide. The great outdoors is beckoning, and the TVs can remain in the off position—at least until the fall season begins.

This package has some history. The staff of the Reno News & Review was having one of our periodic editorial staff meetings at a local pub. We were sitting on the rooftop dining area, discussing various ways to approach the Summer Guide, drinking a few Irish coffees and people-watching, when we saw a most peculiar couple who seemed to be heading toward a hookup.

She was a stunning socialite; he had a look that suggested he was on furlough from a local trailer park. Who better, we thought, to tell our readers what to do this summer? Reno’s got a wide range of people who find all kinds of different fun things to do when the sun is hot and the living is easy.

It took some talking, begging and finally the threat of publishing the details of their tryst, but Buffy and Jim Bob agreed to tell the story.