Sucker Punch

Rated 1.0

Zack Snyder, directing his own original screenplay for the first time, stinks up the place with this disjointed, strange story of an institutionalized woman (Emily Browning) who creates fantasy worlds in her head to block out the horridness of her surroundings. Her fantasies range from being a dancer at a brothel to fighting big samurai monsters in what looks to be shitty videogames. Snyder might’ve had a clever idea to begin with, but what ends up on screen is a travesty—a travesty that occasionally looks good. Scott Glenn shows up as some sort of guru who guides her through the videogame-like fantasy world, and Glenn should’ve stayed home and done some gardening instead. Snyder, who made good movies with Watchmen and Dawn of the Dead, is currently heading up the next Superman movie. I bet Warner Brothers is a little worried about that after this stinker.