Student resigns job

Peter Cytanovic, the University of Nevada, Reno student who participated nonviolently in the Charlottesville demonstration, has resigned from the Campus Escort Service because escort staff or student leaders pressured him, according to the Reno Gazette-Journal.

A campus administration spokeswoman had previously said Cytanovic was in a work program where he rotated from one job to another. It is not clear whether he has resigned from that program or just from the escort service.

UNR’s Sagebrush quoted student body president Noah Teixeira: “I think that you can’t have him working [in the escort service] because it literally destroys the program. Students are supposed to be safe getting into vans, and if you have someone that perpetuates hate speech, then you kind of make the program unable to achieve what it’s supposed to.”

Teixeira did not specify what in Cytanovic’s past behavior caused a lack of safety for students.