Student government abolition sought

A group of students at the University of Nevada, Reno are urging abolition of the student government.

They are using student government money to run the campaign. Students are assessed a fee for the support of the student government (known as Associated Students of the University of Nevada) and that money can be allocated to campus organizations, which is how the critics got money for a recent carnival where they gathered signatures. The Sagebrush reported that the student body president, Eli Reilly, attended the carnival but did not support abolition.

The organization seeking abolition, Students for Liberty, has more than half of the 1,231 signatures needed to put the issue on the student ballot. However, because the deadline for this year’s election has passed, and it will have to appear on next year’s ballot, some students question the validity of signatures gathered this year. They say students come and go and signatures should be gathered in a timely fashion.