Step Brothers

Rated 3.0

Step Brothers has no real plot, and it generally beats a one joke premise to death over the course of its running time. Normally, this would be the start of a negative review, but that one joke is a funny one, and works as a fairly good setup for the comedic duo of Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly. The Talladega Nights actors (along with that film’s director, Adam McKay) return for their latest exercise in silliness, and while the results aren’t as consistent, they’re still funny. The duo is good at playing baby-men, and there are plenty of laughs. It’s just that the film feels a little empty, like a great opportunity that isn’t fully realized. I probably laughed hard a good 15 times, and for that I recommend it, but it’s not what I would expect from McKay and Ferrell. The movie is at its best when the two stepbrothers are fighting. A scene involving Reilly being buried alive had me in stitches. Hopefully, this isn’t the last time Ferrell and Reilly team up. They just need slightly meatier scripts in the future.