Steamy storyteller

Heidi Cortez

Photo By David Robert

Heidi Cortez, 25, is the owner of Cabana Tans, which opened in 2004. The tanning salon is one of many entrepreneurial projects the Reno resident has tackled. She’s a successful model who’s graced the covers of national magazines. She’s appeared in several television and radio commercials. For two years, she co-hosted the ESPN Xtra Point Show. From January to March 2005, she was the featured celebrity at She has had her own radio show called Tissue Time with Heidi Cortez that aired on Sirius Satellite Radio. She co-hosted Vans Warped Tour 2006. She’s also the mother to a 6-year-old son. On Nov. 7, Simon & Schuster will be releasing Heidi’s Bedtime Stories: Erotic Quickies for Men and Women. She’ll also be writing a monthly column for Maxim Magazine.

Why did you dedicate your book to Howard Stern?

Howard has helped me so much. He had interviews on 60 Minutes and David Letterman where he mentioned my name. That created a lot of publicity. He’s the best. Simon & Schuster called me and asked me to write a book. Howard made it all possible.

You have worked in every form of media. Are you the Queen of Media?

Well, someday I hope to be, but not now. I don’t think anybody could ever replace Howard.

Who is your audience for this book?

It’s for people who are 17 and older. It would be rated R if it were made into a movie.

When did you discover your knack for telling stories?

When I was 19, I started telling bedtime stories. I made a CD where I told the same kind of stories that are in my book.

Why did you choose “NASCAR driver” as your occupation on your Myspace Web site?

Yeah, that was just me being silly. I do so many things. It would be silly for me to try to list all of them. I really don’t even know the names of any NASCAR drivers.

Your heroes are folks who have made their way from the bottom to the top. What do see as the top for you?

Well, that’s hard to define. I think that the more you achieve, the more you want to achieve, so the top is always getting higher. If you define where the top is, then you are just settling.

What will you write about in your Maxim column?

I will be writing a bedtime story once a month. But it will be different from my book. These stories will be rated PG. I have a great manager who helped me get this column. She used to be Pamela Anderson’s manager. Then she retired. But now she works for me.

What events do you have planned for your book launch?

I will be on Howard Stern’s radio show on November 7, and I will be doing a book signing at Babeland [in New York and Los Angeles]. There will also be book signings in LA. I’m hoping (fingers crossed) to appear on the Jimmy Kimmel show in November. From November to December, I will be doing book signings here in Reno at Cabana Tans.

Do you plan to write more books in the future?

I’d love to write another book. We’ll see. I’m really good at writing bedtime stories.

You’re a comedy buff, so what’s your best joke?

I have a horrible memory for jokes. But, I love Chevy Chase. My favorite line is from Fletch when he says, “I’ll put it on the Underhill’s bill.” That’s so funny.