Rated 1.0

A top secret, remote controlled Stealth bomber goes AWOL after getting struck by lightning, and Jamie Foxx is given good reason to fire his agent. This is the dumbest movie of the year and one of the most idiotic I’ve ever seen. Inept at every turn, this ill attempt at Top Gun glory is proof that any action movie screenplay can make it through the Hollywood system as long as the director promises at least one Jessica Biel bikini scene and some big explosions. The director here is the sometimes reliable Rob Cohen who has made some OK movies (The Fast and the Furious) and some dreadful ones (XXX). Stealth represents the director at his absolute worst, trying to get by on nothing but flash, using all sorts of editing tricks and CGI wizardry to distract viewers from the fact his film is woefully vapid. Sam Shepard shows up as Foxx’s commanding officer, a silly move by a very great man.