State, county GOP phffft!

The Washoe County Republican Party obtained a divorce from the Nevada Republican Party last week.

In a letter to the Federal Elections Commission, county GOP treasurer Lynne Hartung informed the feds that the county party is now on its own: “Under [FEC regulations], the WCRP is not affiliated with the Nevada Republican State Central Committee. Specifically, the WCRP confirms to the Commission that it is not funded by the NRSCC; is not under the management of the NRSCC; and does not conduct its activity (including making contributions) in cooperation, consultation or concert with, or at the request of suggestion of the NRSCC, or any other political committee established, financed, maintained, or controlled by the NRSCC.”

The county party then registered with the REC as a party committee on its own.

The state party organization, which was taken over by supporters of presidential candidate Ron Paul, has been more or less abandoned by both longtime state leaders and by the campaign of apparent Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney. They have set up a new state party organization, Team Nevada.