Star power

A Northern Nevada astrologer looks to the sky for what the future holds for the Obama administration

“Astrology? You’ve got to be kidding?” That is what I would have thought not too many years ago had I come across an article like this. I held astrology in the same light as palm reading at a traveling carnival. But that has changed. I’m a believer in astrology now. With my Western science-based education, this shift did not come easily. However, I have come to realize that there is much in the cosmos not entirely explained by traditional education. Two lines from Shakespeare’s Hamlet apply:

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in our philosophy.

I have been surprised to discover some of the greatest figures in Western history used insights and guidance found in astrology. These minds include Plato and Aristotle, Hipparchus, Plotinus, Ptolemy, Thomas Aquinas, Dante, Kepler, Goethe, Yeats, Jung and even Ronald Reagan. Another brilliant mind, Dr. Richard Tarnas, a professor of philosophy and cultural history in the Bay Area, has written a compelling book, Cosmos and Psyche, condensing 30 years of research into the cycles of human endeavor as reflected by astrology. His book more than any other has helped me to see a majestic synchronicity in a universe enlivened by a creative intelligence. This synchronicity and significant purposeful patterns can be seen in the lives of individuals and in the affairs of men through the lens of astrology. This brings us to the new administration in Washington, D.C. Astrology can help us understand the meaning and purposes of the earth-shifting energies that will manifest during the Obama administration.

Planetary movement
“Change!” was the rallying cry of the Obama campaign. But I don’t think President Obama or those who voted for him could possibly have known the magnitude of the changes that will occur in the short time ahead. The new administration’s astrological chart, cast at noon on Jan. 20, clearly indicates the potential for powerful sweeping changes within the government and the economy in the next four years.

Each planet along with the sun and our moon has its own energy and an archetypal principle it represents, and as Tarnas wrote in Cosmos and Psyche, “There is a constant correspondence between astronomical events and human events.” Of particular interest to us in this time of economic crisis and as the new administration takes over are the planets Saturn, Uranus and Pluto.

Saturn has an intense energy and represents the principle of constraint, hard materiality, mortality, rules and obligations, consequences, challenges, failure and karma, along with duty, order, patience and responsibility, among others. This is the energy that humanizes us, that humbles us, that teaches us we are not above laws and fundamental principles. Saturn can be a stern teacher but is also absolutely necessary for growth and maturity to occur.

Uranus is associated with the principle of sudden disruptive change, the unexpected development, rebellion, freedom, the breakup of existing structures and beliefs that no longer work. The dynamic energy of Uranus can be linked to liberating events and awakenings but also with respect to the individual signifies the rebel, the innovator, the man who says, “Change has come.”

Pluto is linked with an energy that magnifies, intensifies and empowers whatever it touches. Often its energies are overwhelming and destructive cathartic powers. It can be transformative and regenerative. Pluto represents a fundamental law of the universe: For creation to occur there must be destruction. This law tells us that for meaningful, lasting change to occur there must be a potent, transfiguring force involved—all represented by Pluto, the planet of death and rebirth.

The Obama administration has a remarkable natal chart. This is the astrological chart depicting the signs of the Zodiac, the planets and houses, among other things, that is made at the birth of an individual—or in this case an administration. The chart clearly identifies this administration as one with a mission, an administration absolutely engaged in the calling of very public leadership, which can be seen from the numerous planets all in the sign of Aquarius and all in the 10th house (see Obama chart).

The astrological chart of the Obama administration.

To put it simply, the “house system” typically used by astrologers divides the zodiac wheel into 12 progressively numbered, equal-sized pie pieces. Each house has its own theme or environment within which the energies of the planets act. For instance, one house might deal with money and possessions, while another is concerned with authority, power and public service.

“Aquarius is an intensely freedom-loving sign, the freedom it loves is the freedom to change all of society to what it thinks society should be,” the famous astrologer Robert Hand wrote in his book Horoscope Symbols. Aquarius is also the sign of the humanitarian. Along that same line, the placement of Uranus in the 11th house indicates a very idealistic, yet unconventional administration.

Another striking feature of the administration’s chart is that a large number of the planets are in aspect with Saturn in the 5th house. (An aspect is the geometric relationship between two planets. Aspects are noteworthy because they make the two connected planets work together or come into conflict.) This essentially indicates that there will be significant blockages, challenges and humbling obstacles to overcome. But we all knew that anyway. What we are interested in is the nature and magnitude of these challenges and obstacles. We can get a clearer picture of that from a transit chart.

Transit authority
The planets are always in movement so their relationship to a stationary birth chart is always changing. A chart of the current position of the planets in relationship to the birth chart is called a transit chart. The transit chart tells us what energies and what archetypal themes are coming up for the world, the nation and the Obama administration. It’s going to be one hell of a ride. Strap yourselves in and hold on!

As I mentioned, the three planets and their accompanying archetypal themes we are most interested in are Saturn, Uranus and Pluto. In his book, Cosmos and Psyche, Dr. Tarnas has charted the appearance of these planets together in strong aspects to the Earth during a period of at least 500 years. There is a remarkable correlation to the alignments of these planets and periods in past centuries that have given us extraordinary times of change, upheaval, radical cultural shifts and history-making pivotal events. No one that I am aware of can accurately predict exactly what we will experience when these planets are in alignment, but we can definitely imagine the themes they portend.

Recent patterns of these three planets together occurred in 1964 to early 1968, during the height of World War II, and between 1929 and 1933. A similar pattern began again this past fall, and in fact there was an exact opposition of Saturn and Uranus on Election Day representing potential for a radical change in the nation’s direction. (An opposition is when two planets are 180 degrees apart on a chart. It’s an opportunity for opposing forces to find balance.)

There will be a long series of Saturn-Uranus oppositions that won’t end until July 26, 2010. With Pluto having just moved into the sign of Capricorn, which will last through this administration and until 2024, combined with these three planets in various aspects to each other, we can expect something like a combination of the 1930s and the 1960s together at the same time. Actually, our present moment in history, astrologically speaking, most accurately compares to the period of time surrounding the year 1500 that essentially was the birth of modern history as we know it.

Pluto, firmly in the sign of Capricorn, creates an “all or nothing” energy for the next 15 years. This energy is destined to bring sweeping changes in government, the economy and in hierarchical business structures that may be nothing less than revolutionary. President Obama and those who voted for him want change. They will not only have change, they will have an “extreme makeover.” As I suggested earlier: In order for real change to occur there must first be destruction, even chaos to a degree. In the next four years, there will be times when it seems as if the very drums of Mordor are pounding in our ears, however we must have faith that the magnitude of change these drums signify will ultimately be for humanity’s best good. May I also suggest that the changes President Obama envisions may not be exactly those that occur? The forces he must deal with may be beyond any mortal man’s capacity to control for a precise outcome. We all may be surprised with how things look a decade from now.

The dawning of a new age
I am not aware of another time in modern history when astrological features so clearly defined the movement of humanity into a new age as they now do. Many astrologers believe we have just now, this month, moved into the Age of Aquarius. It is fascinating to see that the new administration’s power is also centered in the sign of Aquarius. There are 12 astrological ages each lasting approximately 2,150 years, with this the Age of Aquarius being the 11th stage in the archetypal-evolutionary cycle. To be on the very cusp of such a profound transition is remarkable not only for this administration, but also for each of us.

The Aquarian energy is concerned with humanitarian values, social consciousness and an awareness of the larger themes of mankind. Aquarius is a frequency of principle and truth dedicated to freedom and equality. It is the sign of the common man on the street that is less impressed with hierarchy and privilege. It can often be an unconventional and unorthodox energy. The danger of this energy is that while it believes in tolerance and equality, it can be at the same time very intolerant of other opinions and viewpoints … kind of a Harry Potter energy. The true nature of Aquarius is ultimately to find balance and a common purpose with strong individual freedom.

There will be an Aquarius new moon on Jan. 25. This may be another marker of a time when dreams of the future seem to gain real life and vitality. There is definitely a sense of change at hand.

Christopher Hardt is a professional astrologer from Carson City who has been studying the art for roughly 10 years.

Photo By Lauren Randolph

The energies of the Saturn-Uranus-Pluto configurations during this administration are not confined to our country alone but will be felt around the world. There will be upheaval and powerful forces at work among all peoples and nations. We will hear more of the Great Bear, Russia, as it pushes against its borders and attempts to deal with its own economic crisis. We can expect Russia to challenge the status quo with the Ukraine and Georgia crudely wielding its power as it did recently by curtailing gas supplies to Europe. There may even be echoes of the Cold War period between the United States and Russia. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will have her work cut out for her.

China has been stunned by the sudden economic reversals here in the United States. The Chinese are most certainly hoping the new administration’s plans will pull our economy out of freefall. Will China continue to literally bank on us? I think so, at least through 2009. But there are troubling waters ahead in 2010 for all of us. China will face significant civil unrest. Their relationship with the United States will be strained.

When planets and signs go through fundamental shifts, as they now are, this often reflects in realignment of borders and boundaries between nations. We see this happening with Gaza and Israel and with Pakistan and India, and it is reasonable to assume we will have challenges along our own borders with Mexico as that nation attempts to deal with its own deep problems.

It’s in the stars
President Obama is certainly a gifted and talented individual who many believe was meant to be president at this particular time in our nation’s history. There seems to be a synchronicity and sense of destiny when comparing his personal chart with that of the nation and the administration. He definitely was blessed with strong supporting positions of Jupiter and his natal moon on Inauguration Day, giving him an extra shot of confidence and optimism. Jupiter was also in great position with Mercury aiding his golden tongue.

Many Americans will believe with heart and soul in what Obama hopes to accomplish this year. There may even be a sense of euphoria, supported by Jupiter freshly in Aquarius for the first time in 12 years beginning with the full moon on Jan. 10. Jupiter represents the principles and energies of expansion, advancement, success, optimism and good fortune.

The energies of planets, when blended together, often create extraordinary harmonics. So it will be when Neptune and Jupiter join together in a beautiful dance this summer. There will be a sense of possibility in the air. Many will want to ride the wave up as the economic bubble expands, but they will want to cash in before the bubble bursts between March and July 2010, when very challenging configurations of Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus occur.

Summer 2010 will be very tumultuous—even chaotic. Halfway through Obama’s first term, major upheavals are likely. It will be a very challenging time for the administration. However this is all part of the process of change, which we will absolutely know has come at that time.

You will recall that Pluto has moved into Capricorn and will be there until 2024. Capricorn’s energy by itself is all business; it likes to be in control and play by the rules. It likes hard facts, discipline and reality. It is stern father energy. With growing instability in world governments, especially with the powers of Capricorn and Pluto in the air, our government will move toward more control and surveillance. What began with President Bush and the PATRIOT Act is not likely to go away. The technological networking system will make every person traceable and will further aid government control of its citizens. The energy of Aquarius may modify or balance this somewhat, but on the other hand, the archetype of the collective good, also an Aquarian ideal, may ultimately decide that “safety and security” are worth the price of a portion of personal freedom.

There have been a number of cyclical patterns in the history of science and technological innovations that can be correlated between Jupiter and Uranus. Aquarian energy, which is known to be innovative, creative and tuned to progress in science and technology, will combine with the frequencies of Jupiter and Uranus to form remarkable leaps forward in technology in particular from March 2010 to April 2011.

The market forces that have created the free online encyclopedia Wikipedia, free international calls through Skype, and the free operating system of Linux will continue to drive innovation. Information and technology that was once tightly controlled by corporations will be available to most anyone. This will create a whole new way of doing business and will aid in a flourish of new inventions. Old monolithic business empires will be challenged.

It is hard to imagine, but the iPhone and the like will be obsolete four years from now. Perhaps we will each have implanted devices in our ear lobes to replace our Blackberries! And can you imagine what it will be like to have a holographic chamber in your own home? Pluto’s fascination with death as evidenced by a generation of boys who come home from school and play video games where killing, slaughter and mayhem are fun will be ramped up even more with holographic technology. And what about porn? Oh, my.

It is highly likely that in the next few years we will also witness dramatic earth-changing advances in energy production. Twenty years from now, gasoline-burning cars will only be seen at the Nevada Day parade in Carson City and similar venues. We will look back at the time when we used fossil fuels to generate power as truly prehistoric. How appropriate that all of this earth friendly technology will come to us during the “earth sign” of Capricorn.

We live in challenging times. There will be sweeping changes that will require personal and social transformation. As old structures are destroyed we will be asked to go deep within ourselves to find the truth of who we are and what relationship we want to each other and the earth. We may discover a capacity to create beauty, love and cooperative enterprise far more enriching and soul-sustaining than anything we have experienced in the past. We stand at this gate together. May love, hope and a clearer vision sustain us.