Stadium vote

In the Nevada Assembly, the members who voted against the stadium project (see cover story, page 14) were Elliot Anderson, Nelson Araujo, Teresa Benitez-Thompson, Maggie Carlton, Olivia Diaz, Ira Hansen, Amber Joiner, Dina Neal, James Oscarson, Shelly Shelton, Michael Sprinkle, Heidi Swank and Robin Titus. Stephanie Smith did not vote. All other assemblymembers voted for the project.

In the Senate, Pete Goicoechea, Don Gustavson, Ruben Kihuen, Julia Ratti and Richard “Tick” Segerblom voted against the stadium project. All other senators voted for it. There were two votes on the project in the senate, on Oct. 11 and 14. We are using the first one. The second one gave final approval to the project by approving amendments attached by the Assembly, but the votes of individual senators were not given.