Sports & Outdoors

Editors’ choice

Best place to exercise outside

Rancho San Rafael Park
1502 Washington St.

Yeah, you can fork out the big bucks for one of those fancy-schmancy gym memberships, or you can work out in the beauty of the outdoors for FREE. Rancho San Rafael, the granddaddy of area parks, has an outside exercise course for those who want to keep fit, in addition to a museum, an arboretum, picnic facilities and lots of lawn. It’s a perfect place to stretch out those muscles and burn those calories. One problem: Unlike those schmancy gyms, Rancho San Rafael isn’t heated, seeing as it’s outdoors and all. And with winter approaching … chalk one up for the fitness centers.

Best places for high school football

Wooster High School
1331 E. Plumb Lane

McQueen High School
6055 Lancer St.

High school sports get quite a bit of attention around these parts, especially football. And there is no matching these two schools when it comes to this sport. For the last 12 or so years, Wooster and McQueen have been among the top high schools in the state on the football field—and when they play each other, thousands of people pack their respective fields to see the area’s most intense high school sports rivalry. Occasionally, other schools will challenge for the top spot—but not with the consistency of Wooster and McQueen.

Best stadium that will hopefully soon be bulldozed

Moana Stadium
240 W. Moana Lane
To put it bluntly, Moana Stadium sucks. It has driven two minor-league baseball teams out of town. (One team left Reno for Marysville, Calif. Marysville? How freaking embarrassing is that?) And it is time for it to go. Hopefully very soon, Reno will get minor-league baseball back, and hopefully very soon, Moana Stadium will go away. It’s old, unkempt, worthless and there’s a damn fire station in its parking lot that the city unceremoniously built there a few years back. Moana Stadium—GO AWAY!

Best place to inhale fumes

Silver State Raceway
1210 Racetrack Road, Carson City

Wanna see some cars go around in a circle (an oval, actually) without turning on cable television? Well, head out to Carson City, then, and the Silver State Raceway. There, live and in person, you can experience these super-fast stock cars—the sounds, the sights and the noxious fumes. Seriously, though, the fumes aren’t that bad, and the SSR provides (get ready for a cliché) fun for the entire family!