Special blend

Drinking with Clowns

As their name implies, Drinking with Clowns is a playful bunch. This bilingual group blends lyrics both sung and rapped to music intent on bringing a body to move. The band is composed of guitarist Baldo Bobadilla, percussionists Marrio Williams and Kris Trujillo, bassist Junior Franco and Martin Arroyo on keys. They spread a peaceful, life-loving message with percussion-rich blends of hip-hop, funk, reggae, dance music and Latin influences, though Bobadilla says the group is introducing a darker side of music than some DWC fans may be used to.

Their music is drawn widely from the various backgrounds and influences they brought with them from Paraguay, Mexico and Reno. Bobadilla cites Ozomatli, Bob Marley, Amigos Invincibles from Venezuela, and the Mexican band Kinky as sources of inspiration. “Kris has a lot more heavy rock influence,” says Bobadilla. “He’s Molotov, a lot of Mexican rock, heavier stuff, and typical Mexican sound. And Marrio is straight up hip-hop. The other two kids are kind of more on the Mexican side, more classical Mexican sound. Lyrically it comes from South American writers—a lot of lyrical South American songwriters. It’s a mix of a lot of things, and somehow it all works together.”

Drinking with Clowns plays at Rollin’ on the River on July 10, opening for Los Pinguos.