Sparks Silver Club will close

“I’ll probably be able to work a few weeks after they close it, but then I’ll have to look for work,” said a maintenance person who was taking a trash can filled with fiberglass insulation and torn-up particle board down in the Silver Club’s elevator.

At the front desk, a hotel clerk said, “It’s going to be tough on everyone.”

The Silver Club stayed open during the holidays, getting whatever benefit there was from the traditional week-long rise in winter tourism, but will shut down on Jan. 10.

Management posted a notice last week: “ ‘Nevada Job Connect’ Meetings/Monday, December 29/9:30 & 4:00 p.m./Silver Peak – 3rd Floor.’

The casino and cross-street hotel employ about 200 people. There are negotiations going on about a purchase of the club by an unknown buyer, but general manager David Mustard has not been encouraging about the possibility it will go through.