Sparks Marina Monster eludes capture

Photo By F. Stop Fitzsimian

Families often spend the day swimming, fishing or walking along the trail encircling the Sparks Marina. But that may soon come to an end, as eyewitnesses claim pure evil lurks under the marina’s surface.

For the past three years, there have been reports of a dark, manlike figure emerging from the lake at night. Some witnesses recall a putrid scent wafting through the air.

One witness, Earl Jepsen, 70, frequently fishes at the park. But one incident last week has made him reconsider his favorite pastime—last Thursday, as he was reeling in a flubbed cast near the beach, his line snagged something.

“All of a sudden, the rod was almost ripped from my hands,” he said. “I thought I’d hooked some piece of junk. I pulled again, and something pulled back—only harder. The next thing I know, I’m treading water. An oozing, spinach-green-colored monster with fish eyes and fins for ears pops out of the water. I never swam so fast in my life. I didn’t even collect my stuff. Lost my favorite fishing pole that night.”

Where does this creature come from? Scientists say the marina’s past may offer a clue to its genesis.

“The Sparks Marina was a gravel pit dug by the Robert L. Helms Construction Company in the 1960s and 1970s,” said Warren Buffet, a state geologist. “At that time, the Sparks tank farm was leaking millions of gallons of deadly petrochemical fuels into the ground around the pit.”

The 1997 New Year’s Eve flood deposited about 1 billion gallons of water into the pit, turning the former Superfund site into a lake in a few days. Construction for the park began the following year. The Sparks Marina was dedicated in 2000. The Environmental Protection Agency claims the water meets EPA drinking water standards.

But some people say the pit isn’t clean. A former Sparks Parks & Recreation employee says the first reports of a strange creature at the marina happened in 2000 when a park ranger spotted what looked like a fuel spill on the surface of the lake. As he approached the spill, a figure rose from under the surface. When the ranger confronted the figure, he realized that its flesh looked like “gooey Jell-O.” The source says that Sparks city government has gone out of its way to keep monster reports under wraps.

Could the Sparks Marina Monster be Mother Nature taking revenge on a polluting world of men? Could it be a mutant fish or—worse yet—a human victim of petrochemical poisoning?

City of Sparks officials are mum, but the city’s spokeswoman, Anita Comment, was dismissive of eyewitness accounts of the Sparks Marina Monster.

“I don’t know where these stories come from,” says Comment. “The marina is clean. There aren’t any toxic chemicals. And there certainly is no monster in the Sparks Marina.”

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