Soul Plane

Rated 1.0 Making a 747 Prince-purple, complete with hopping hydraulics and Snoop Dogg as the pilot, is the best joke to be found in Soul Plane, a comedy with something in the neighborhood of three good jokes and 43 that repel all goodwill toward the movie. The setup begs to be enjoyable and funny, while the execution is nothing but an exercise in bad taste and yet another cinematic reason to get Tom Arnold on a toilet after his pooping stint in Austin Powers. Most of the jokes that work are thanks to Dogg, who got his pilot’s license in prison and isn’t against taking large tokes off of fat joints while flying planes (this gives him a chance to take full advantage of the autopilot feature). When Dogg isn’t on the screen, this film is a groaner. Overall, this one is a stiff. (CPL, CS, ER, NM)