Sonny Rollins

Sonny, Please

In the past five years since Sonny Rollins’ last album, he’s launched his own Web site, started his own label (Doxy Records), spent innumerable hours practicing his tenor sax in an upstate New York cottage studio, and buried his wife, Lucille. Now he’s released Sonny, Please—a title taken from an exasperated expression Lucille often would use. At age 76, this saxophone colossus and legendary jazz man is still impressive, to say the least. Bluesy ballads, sassy jazz lines and the energy of a master come blowing steadily through his horn. Joining Rollins on this album are some masters in their own right: Clifton Anderson on trombone, Bob Cranshaw on bass, Bobby Broom on guitar, Steve Jordan on drums and Kimati Dinizulu on percussion. The album is sold exclusively on