Something to wine about

You know global warming is serious when the price of wine goes up. According to an article by Marcelo Aparicio from the global news network Agence France-Presse (AFP), climate change may affect grape ripening throughout the world.

Due to lackluster winters and blistering hot summers, grapes will ripen earlier, causing a chemical reaction that will yield more alcohol and less acidity. Since most countries tax wine by the alcohol content, the overall price for the consumer would be expected to rise.

The places where wine grapes are currently considered to flourish may also rise in temperature. This may cause some vineyards to relocate to cooler, higher altitudes to harvest the grapes.

Wine experts from 36 countries gathered at a conference in Barcelona last week to discuss the effects that climate will have on wine. So far, the outlook tastes bitter. But on the bright side, wine lovers may be getting more bang for their buck.