Some like it hot

Are you into masochism? Well chili-heads, your convention has finally come to town. Spice-crazed cooks from around the world will be coming to Reno to concoct their finest chili recipes in hopes of winning a $25,000 top prize in the be-all, end-all of chili cook-offs, the World Championship Chili Cook-off. The annual premier event of the International Chili Society will feature such contests as the "shoot-n-holler," in which participants must eat an entire jalapeno pepper, slam a shot of tequila and then yell when they’re done. So just who would actually subject himself to such torture? "There’s a lot of chili aficionados, but there’s also just people who love chili," said Steve Trounday, a spokesman for the cook-off. The event will be held Sept. 28-30 downtown on Virginia Street from the Reno Arch to First Street. For more information, call 788-2333 or visit