Sole lady

Stephanie Tsanas

Photo By David Robert

In the four years that Stephanie Tsanas has been in Reno, she’s started the Northern Nevada Reflexology Center and opened Alexandratos Gallery, both located at 600 S. Center St. For Artown, she’s hosting Art and Sole, 3-6 p.m. July 26, where people can stop by the gallery to view art and get a free reflexology demonstration. “I like putting together things that I love. I figure if you love them enough, when you put them together, they’ll work.” The artists’ reception for Welcome the West, Alexandratos Gallery’s Western-themed exhibit, is 5-8 p.m. July 22. For more information, call 323-4811 or visit

Which was your first interest, art or feet?

Well, I started reflexology in 1989 with Laura Norman’s School of Reflexology in New York City. … That’s a tough question for me because my brother has been an artist his whole life, so I’ve always had an interest in the arts … but this is my first time opening an actual art gallery. So I guess you could say feet came first. Feet first!

What can reflexology do for a person?

Reflexology is a healing modality that helps the body to reach a balance or homeostasis. It helps the body to clear toxins, and helps the body to heal itself. It’s also a very relaxing modality, and in these times of high stress, it’s important to get relaxation because the only time your body heals is when it’s relaxed.

What can art do for a person?

Good art will elevate the consciousness of a person, and it can be relaxing and stimulating to the mind at the same time—to put you more in tune with the creative spirit we all come from. Relax the mind, relax the body. Fine art for fine minds, I like to say.

Why did you chose the Western theme for your exhibit?

Well, I figured there were a lot of people coming to Artown right now, and we are the West, but I wanted to do something that was nostalgic … with older-type Western paintings and then have modern paintings of the West, like the vistas of the Tahoe Rim Trail … My brother Joseph Alexander did three big paintings that are more modern-type Western art. It gives you a feeling of the West that isn’t just cowboys, desert and rodeo, but that we have these great vistas.

Do a lot of people who come for reflexology sessions check out the gallery too?

Oh yeah. Almost everybody. It’s a great place to wait for your next appointment. … A lot of my clients are buying the art, which is what I wanted to happen. I think Reno should come up with a theme. We have such a big field of art and health in Reno, we could become an art and health center.

Are there any jokes about art and feet?

No, are you trying to put some together? I’ll have to think about that one … My husband is good at jokes, maybe I’ll ask him. "Art and Sole"—that’s a bit of a joke. Maybe: "You can walk your way into better physical health and mental health."