Snow days

Welcome to Winter Guide 2010

Having the Sierra Nevada so close is a mixed blessing to Renoites. On the one hand, they’re awfully pretty. The jagged bones of Peavine are, strangely enough, most exposed when covered in snow. Meanwhile, the slopes of Mount Rose and Slide Mountain taunt dreary commuters traveling along the freeway: “Look at me. I’m so pretty. I’m so snowy. Come, sink into me, climb and look into clear blue waters.” Yet there you are, behind that steering wheel, or looking out the window trapped under something far less enticing, and all you can say is, “Later guys. I gotta work. See you on the weekend.”

When that weekend comes, or for those of you who suspiciously tend to call in sick after a good storm, this guide aims to lead you in the right direction—to the resorts, of course, but also to snowy campsites, techy gear, and even a way to turn that day job into a snow job. Happy winter.