Snakes on a Plane

Rated 1.0

After all of the hype, this one turns out to be a gigantic reptilian turd. Samuel L. Jackson stars as FBI Agent Nelville Flynn, who must protect a murder witness as they fly to a trial in Los Angeles from Hawaii. In an effort to terminate said witness, a would-be killer puts a ton of venomous snakes in the plane’s cargo hold, sprays the plane with pheromones so the little bastards will go crazy and sets them loose. Originally intended as a PG-13 offering, producers did reshoots to make the film gorier, added some nudity, and allowed Jackson to say the F-word. The now R-rated film has a burst of excitement when the snakes first go on their rampage, but 10 minutes do not make a movie. The performances are awful, and the CGI is abysmal. The best thing about the film is the title.