Rated 3.0

Man is this movie ever so gross. In a nice ode to The Blob, a meteor lands on Earth containing some sort of sick-assed parasite. When Michael Rooker’s Grant Grant (yes, that’s his character’s name) pokes it with a stick, it shoots him in the chest and transforms him into a meat-craving zombie. Really disgusting things ensue as the morphed Grant Grant impregnates a local woman, and she becomes the nest for a million leech-like monsters. The film reminds me of ’80s howlers like Re-Animator and The Evil Dead, and the cast seems to be having a fair amount of fun. Many of the gross-out effects are old school, but CGI is also effectively used. The movie is ultra-disgusting, but it’s also quite funny, and horror aficionados should eat it up. Elizabeth Banks of Wet Hot American Summer fame stars as the damsel in distress, and Nathan Fillion of Serenity stars as the man-hero. A good Saturday night creature feature.