Site seeks world’s best place to stand

A web site called is running an online survey that seeks reader input on what the “greatest places to stand on the planet” are. It also breaks the voting down to lists of the greatest places in Europe, the United States, and Britain.

An online survey—because it has a self-selected sample—is by definition unreliable, and this particular survey has some pretty peculiar rankings. For instance, of votes cast so far for the U.S. list, a Chicago movie theatre is ahead of Monument Valley, a Harley Davidson museum in Milwaukee is ahead of Emerald Bay, Churchill Downs is ahead of Waimea Canyon, the Texas Book Depository is ahead of El Capitan at Yosemite, and Hoover Dam is ahead of Grand Canyon.

Last weekend Hoover Dam was in first place on the U.S. list, since displaced by the Golden Gate Bridge. The dam is one of three Nevada sites that have made the list. The others are Area 51 and the Las Vegas strip.

No. 1 on the world list is Kjerag, a mountain in Norway.

Voting on the lists will be open until Dec. 1.