Simply eight

Tori Sandoval

Photo by Deidre Pike

The girl in the pink shirt looked happy as she bounced down Target’s toy aisle atop a large blue ball. She swung a hula hoop from her arm as she surveyed the store’s selection of board games. Tori Sandoval, who just turned eight, goes to year-round school at Van Gorder Elementary. She’s off-track right now and spent last week with her grandmother, Sara Donnan of Sparks. If Tori’s last name sounds familiar, it’s probably because Nevada Attorney General Brian Sandoval is her uncle. I wasn’t at Target looking for celebrity relations, honest. I’d only wanted to interview a child, to ask a few simple questions. Tori looked to me like a girl with answers.

What are you shopping for?

A game.

See any you like?

I like Pictionary, but I want Pictionary, Jr.

What’s your favorite thing to do?


Where do you go swimming?

In my backyard. And at Vacation Station [in Reno].

Who’s your best friend?


What do you like about Kelsey?

She’s nice.

What’s the most important rule at your school?

Listen, listen, listen.

Who’s your favorite person?

My mom and my dad.

What’s your favorite TV show?

Sabrina, the Animated Series.

What makes you happy?

When people tell funny jokes.

What makes you sad?

People calling me names.

Are you afraid of anything?

No. Except sinking.

When you’re swimming?


Do you have any good advice for people?

Keep smiling.

Is that what you do?

Yes, except for when people make me mad. Then I go like this (scrunches up her face).

What are your plans for today?

I’m going to stay home and play the game I’m going to buy.

With your own money?

No, I don’t have any money!