Rated 2.0

Michael Moore takes a shot at American healthcare, and some of his arguments are valid, interesting and alarming. However, depicting Cuba as an ideal place to get sick and Fidel Castro as some sort of hero, well, that’s just nuts. Yes, Cuba has universal healthcare, but they also make things very hard for you if you should wish to go abroad (Moore makes no mention of that). A scene where Moore visits a Cuban hospital with sick Americans seems, and probably is, staged. Once again, Moore finds situations that only fuel his argument and narrates his film like we’re all children listening to a bedtime story. For sure, the system can be scary and is seriously in need of tweaking. Ejecting people from hospitals and leaving them disoriented on street corners because they can’t pay their bills is ludicrous. No American with a serious health problem should be turned away from hospitals, and Moore shows some terrible realities. I most certainly feel that American healthcare needs some serious adjustments, but that doesn’t mean I like this movie. I just can’t stand Moore’s cutesy, pandering approach this time out.