Shutter Island

Rated 5.0

Director Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio triumph with Shutter Island, a true spellbinder from one of the greatest living directors. Scorsese manages to keep you off balance for the entire, mind-bending experience, while DiCaprio blasts the roof off the place with a gut-wrenching performance. Neither of them misses a beat, and the film will captivate those of you willing and wanting to be floored. DiCaprio plays a U.S. Marshal investigating a strange hospital for the criminally insane. This is not a movie that just washes over you. It’s one of those great mysteries that require you to perk up and pay attention. Even if you guess what’s going on, Scorsese and DiCaprio make the ride well worth your time. There’s great joy in taking this journey on all levels—from technical to performance. The greatest aspect of watching a movie like this is not the answer to the mystery, but the way Scorsese and DiCaprio present every aspect of it.