Should Nevada dance to Israel's tune?

You can't be square and take a pole dancing class:

There are two measures before the Nevada Legislature that have little to do with governing the state. There is a resolution in support of Israel (Assembly Joint Resolution 1), and the other is a bill declaring square dancing the Nevada State Dance. (Assembly Bill 123).

What the Legislature thinks about Israel will do little more than appease Las Vegas billionaire Sheldon Adelson. Israel no longer has the unconditional support of Americans. The disproportionate attacks on Gaza, the continued settlement of Palestinian lands, and the Israeli prime minister’s brazen meddling in American politics are affecting American opinion.

The elder George Bush held a more neutral view of Israel, and we could claim to be honest brokers in the region. Our unconditional support of Israel since has changed that perception. President Obama has been critical of Prime Minister Netanyahu, but these spats have not resulted in reducing by one drop the river of foreign aid that flows to Israel. More Americans are aware of the tremendous influence Israel’s U.S. lobby, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, has on Congress, but even that influence is declining under public scrutiny.

Many politicians say that Israel is our ally. Not so. We offered Israel the opportunity to be our ally, but that would have meant sharing defense secrets they did not want to share. Realistically, Israel is a client state. Israel has nuclear weapons, created largely from secrets illegally taken from America. She will not discuss her nukes and is not a signatory to the U.N. International Nuclear Protocols. Iran does not have nuclear weapons, but is a signatory, and has the right to enrich uranium for peaceful means while undergoing inspections.

Certainly if Israel was attacked by a major power, America would rightly and swiftly come to her aid. But, Israel has proven she can defend herself against any regional power. Even the Mossad, Israel’s CIA, concurs with our CIA: Iran is not building a nuclear bomb. Republicans must resort to claiming, against all evidence, that Iran is suicidal and wants to commit nuclear suicide.

Israel has a major disagreement with us over the ranking of threats. Our entanglements in the Middle East are dragging us into another low intensity conflict (LIC) with the Sunni Muslim ISIS extremists. Sunni extremism is currently our number one concern. Number two is Iran, with whom we are attempting to negotiate a landmark nuclear treaty. For Israel, it is the opposite—her number one enemy is Iran. Israel is currently attacking Syrian and Lebanese affiliates of Iran who could help us against ISIS. Israel always has and always will look out for herself first. I wish America would do the same.

Why is square dancing being named Nevada’s State Dance? Nevada is not a rural state. Ninety-five percent of Nevadans live in cities. Rural Nevada loves to dance, but really—how many square dances are there on a Friday night in Nevada, compared to other forms of dancing? Even Western line dancing is more popular than do-si-do-ing. Historically, did Nevada invent square dancing? Hardly. The dance we did invent was the topless chorus line. Pasties are Nevada’s contribution to fashion, and Lil’ Kim is grateful. You might object that bare-breasted women prancing around on a stage is too choreographed. You want something more spontaneous. Then I would suggest that any time of day or night, in many establishments throughout our great state, there are more people—mostly women—pole dancing than square dancing. Perhaps the Legislature should proclaim pole dancing, or its closely related cousin, lap dancing, to be our Nevada State Dance. We need a debate!