Rated 3.0

Steve Martin’s novella comes to the big screen. Martin (who also wrote the screenplay) plays Ray Porter, a millionaire who spies Mirabelle (Claire Danes), a beautiful younger woman working behind a glove counter at Saks Fifth Avenue. The two embark on an affair that is doomed from the start because Ray is not seeking commitment and Mirabelle just might be. Jason Schwartzman plays the wacky younger guy who is a better fit for Mirabelle because he’s, well, younger. The movie is a bit inconsistent at times (the fairytale theme is just strange) but the relationships at its heart are well depicted. Danes is quite wonderful here in what amounts to her best big-screen role yet. Schwartzman provides comic relief, although some of the material he’s forced to perform is a bit lame. Martin, in subdued mode, provides a mature performance, something that probably won’t be the case in his next two films, Cheaper By the Dozen 2 and that dreaded remake of The Pink Panther.