Shocking photos show

Lake Tahoe is draining and will soon turn Reno into an underwater city

Photo By F. Stop Fitzsimian

A lost city of Atlantis, Reno-style, may not be far away. Scientists say a small hole in the ground near Davis Creek Park in Washoe Valley is increasing in size exponentially every month. Reno has got less than a year, experts predict, before the pressure of water from Lake Tahoe blasts open a hole the size of the downtown bowling stadium that will flood the city in less than half an hour.

Hiker Jack Spratley noticed the leak when he was hiking the Galena Creek Loop last September.

“There was a trickle of water coming out of the side of the mountain that I thought was just a spring,” Spratley says. “When I drank out of it, I thought it was funny that I could taste motor fuel. Now, I realize that there must have been a boat leaking fuel somewhere in the vicinity of the hole in the lake.”

Spratley says when he returned for another hike three weeks later, the hole was three times as big and plugged by the body of a dead goose. Limnologist (lake expert) Flora Boyle says the leak is surely creating a suction similar to a whirlpool in an area of the lake that is drawing in animals. Boyle and geological researchers have not yet been able to locate the foundation of the leak.

The White House is aware of the situation, insiders say, because the same thing is happening to other alpine lakes around the world.

“Apparently, the mountains aren’t as waterproof as we thought,” says Boyle. “These lakes are popping up with leaks all over the place. We are looking at a bundle of cataclysmic disasters over the next few years.”

Although, depending on how humans adapt to these calamities, the future may not be so grim.

“I think it would be terrific if Renoites adapted and turned into underwater-dwelling humans,” Spratley says. “We could be the first breed of mermaids and mermen in a once-landlocked city. Talk about increasing tourism.”

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