She’s the Man

Rated 1.0

Amanda Bynes stars in this weak retelling of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night. When her high school cuts the women’s soccer team, Bynes takes action by dressing up as her brother (whom she looks nothing like) and attending the private school he’s supposed to be at (he’s off dicking around with his band in Europe). She sports sideburns, a bowl haircut and darker eyebrows, culminating with a look that is distinctly unmanly. Bynes was good on her TV shows but has yet to find her way on the big screen. Her mugging is way over the top, and she needs a director to make her kick that habit. If you like Bynes, the movie isn’t really worth seeing because her work is poor. She’s totally unconvincing as a guy, which I guess is a sort of compliment. If you like soccer, don’t bother because only a few minutes of the film are spent on the sport. Actually, if you like movies, just stay away because this one stinks.