She Hate Me

Rated 1.0 Nine years ago, Spike Lee made his worst film (the unbelievably sexist and wrongheaded Girl 6). With this latest exercise in sexism and homophobia, he has exceeded the misery that was that film, and made one of the year’s very worst movies. Defenders of the film might say that Lee is going for satire here, and if that’s the case he’s the worst satirist this side of Mel Brooks post-Spaceballs. And just what is he trying to satirize, anyway? Lesbian porn? A big-business type (Anthony Mackie) loses his job after “blowing the whistle” and resorts to impregnating lesbians for cash via full-blown, elaborately filmed sex acts (none of that artificial insemination stuff … that’s boring). The movie is almost two and a half hours long and, in lampooning big business, tries to mix Watergate into the fray, comparing the Mackie character to the night watchman who “blew the whistle” on the famous break-in. Whatever. Desperate, overreaching and nauseatingly simple-minded, Lee has blown it big time with this one. I’ll say this for him: When he makes a bad film, he makes a monumentally bad film.