Shattered security

My parents are visiting Reno for the first time this weekend. I’m excited to show them what this place has to offer, which is much more than I thought when I moved here eight months ago. But some disturbing stuff has put a damper on their upcoming arrival.

Grant and I moved out to the Sky Vista Commons apartment complex in Lemmon Valley nearly two months ago. It had been great. The apartment is just the right size for us, with plenty of sunlight and views of a park, undeveloped mountains and sagebrush. But last Saturday, we awoke to a loud car speeding through our parking lot. Multiple blasts from a CO2 gun were shot, followed by shattering glass. Someone in what looked like a late-model silver Honda Civic or Mazda hatchback shot 11 cars that night. They did it again the next night.

After talking to neighbors, it turns out that Sunday was the fifth time in seven days these guys took this same joyride. As of Monday, at least 18 cars had their windows shot out. One neighbor repaired his back window one day only to have it destroyed again the next night.

I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say they’re terrorizing the neighborhood, which is made up of hardworking families who are just trying to make it. An expensive car window replacement hurts just once, let alone five times a week. Even those of us who haven’t been hit are worried and thinking of moving. Others are thinking of a little vigilante justice—waiting up at night armed with bricks—which isn’t anyone’s preferred method of dealing with this.

The police have been alerted. They’ve come a couple of times, always a bit late. They have enough information to get the offenders, and I hope/think they will.

The thought of moving again is exhausting—this is our third apartment in eight months, and aside from drive-by shootings, I like it there.

We’re tired of going place to place to find a safe home. And I don’t want my parents’ introduction to Reno to be one of gun shots and breaking glass.