Sharron Angle is issue in other states

There is a television commercial that puts the following written message on the screen:

Sharron Angle wants to:

• Privatize Social Security

• Eliminate the Department of Education

The interesting thing about this TV spot is that it’s running in Colorado. Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Michael Bennet is using Angle as a bad example in an effort to link her to his opponent, Republican Ken Buck. The spot publicizes the views of Angle and warns about extremists going to the Senate. It then creates the Colorado linkage: “Ken Buck, the next Sharron Angle.”

Bennet spokesperson Trevor Kincaid told the Denver Post that the two GOP candidates “share many extreme positions, which has brought the two together and forged a long-distance relationship.” Angle’s now-familiar secretly recorded conversation with a Nevada tea party candidate mentioned Buck favorably, saying “when I go back, there may be five or six of us … maybe Joe Miller [Alaska], Ken Buck, Christine O’Donnell [Delaware].” Part of that quote was used in the Bennet spot.

From another state came a demonstration of the modular, cookie-cutter nature of political television spots. Louisiana Republican U.S. Senate candidate David Vitter and Angle used the same art in their illegal-alien-bashing spots:

British photographer Chris Floyd, who took the photo used by the two campaigns, said it was taken in Mexico. No one knows if the men in the photo came to the United States.

Then there’s Pennsylvania. has run an article on the GOP candidate in its U.S. Senate race. It was headlined, “Pennsylvania’s Pat Toomey: He’s No Joe Miller, Ken Buck or Sharron Angle.” Among the observations in the piece: “He [Toomey] hasn’t talked about ‘Second Amendment solutions’ to dissatisfaction with government.”