Sharron Angle accuses Raggio of identity theft

During their GOP primary contest, William Raggio’s Republican primary opponent Sharron Angle accused him of identify theft. She ended a letter of instructions to her door-to-door campaign workers with this postscript: “WARNING: Paid walkers with hand held electronic devices reporting to be from the Raggio campaign are collecting data. Be cautious. Identity theft and selling personal information are real problems.”

Contacted for a comment, Raggio says his door-to-door workers do indeed have electronic devices. They’re used to check off each house address as it is reached, as precinct walkers have done with pencil and paper for decades. Asked if he was engaged in identity theft, Raggio laughed and said, “That’s another example of her gutter politics. … Come on, that’s laughable.” Is that a no? “Not only no, but definitely no.”