Shark Night 3-D

Rated 1.0

This would seem like potential fun on the surface, simply due to its title. It’s got sharks, and sharks are cool, it’s at night supposedly, and that’s kind of scary, and its in 3D which means there’s going to be blood and teeth coming at your face. Well, as it turns out, there are hardly any sharks in this thing. I think sharks actually take up a total of two minutes in this movie, and possibly less than that. And sharks attacking at night just means you see even less of the sharks because it’s dark out. Sara Paxton stars as The Girl in the Awesome Bikini. She takes her friends to a lake house full of sharks, and they all get eaten, PG-13 style. There truly is no reason for you to see this film. To tell the truth, I’m sort of ashamed that I did.