Shared values include following the law

“They view immigration as a massive infusion of potential voters for the Democratic Party, and therefore will do nothing, absolutely nothing to stop that flow of illegal entrance into the country.”
—U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo, Colorado Republican

Your Host was taken aback by a spate of recent emails, so I believe some clarification is necessary.

Assuming you successfully avoided my SPAM filter by not questioning my parental lineage or using more than two expletives, I probably received and read your message.

If I didn’t respond, it is definitely not for a lack of interest or appreciation (either positively or negatively), and goodness knows I love a good dialogue, if not a great debate. Understand, however, that I do have a limited amount of that commodity known as time. And most of it is either spent working as a productive adult or with the family.

Okay. While that’s not exactly a perfect segue, let’s re-visit the following topic for the unenlightened in the peanut gallery.

Not long ago, I referenced the recent atrocities that were visited upon our fair metropolis by the federal government agency that is the Immigration and Custom Enforcement Agency (ICE). It seems said agency has been busy doing its job. Said job appears to be identifying illegal aliens who are in the nation in contravention of current U.S. immigration laws and deporting them through a string of raids on some 11 area McDonald’s restaurants, wherein some 54 illegals—or if you prefer “undocumented workers"—were arrested.

Now, apparently, the Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada (PLAN) is sponsoring a string of radio advertisements that ostensibly is designed to deliver “balanced messages” on the issue of immigration.

So sayeth Bob Fulkerson, PLAN’s Executive Director: “The anti-immigration venom that’s been coming out of the community that was heightened during the aftermath of the ICE raids has undermined our shared community values.”

All right. Perhaps someone can explain to me the part of our “shared community values” that include healthcare, welfare, voting rights, and/or citizenship for criminals? And yes, people found in the country in contravention of United State’s immigration laws are criminals.

The crops were picked, houses were cleaned, meat was packed, and homes were built, all long before the hordes of illegals began showing up. This moronic belief that the country can’t survive without them is so deep that I need to invest in boots.

Let’s recognize that there is no “human right” to United States citizenship, and while it is a perfectly reasonable and acceptable human trait to desire to improve one’s lot in life, cutting to the front of the proverbial line, is not. (And to subject one’s children to the potential consequences of doing so—as in being deported—is, ah, what’s the word? Selfish?)

The fact that these very same children are then depicted as hapless victims of a cruel policy invented by we knuckle-dragging Neanderthals is not only disingenuous, but downright lame.

The point, lest it get caught up in all my left-leaning friends’ weeping about the inhumanity of it all is this: It is not racist to suggest that someone be invited into my home before entry anymore than it is racist to suggest that someone be invited into the country before the same.

Given a choice, however, I’d prefer to import a whole group of people willing to work to support and defend this nation and in exchange perhaps deport another group who’d freely give it away in exchange for votes.

That perhaps bring us back to Tancredo’s assertions.