Sex Tape

Rated 1.0

Once upon a time, there was a director with a very promising career. In 1998, Jake Kasdan made his directorial debut with the excellent Zero Effect, one of that year's best movies. It still stands as one of Ben Stiller's best efforts, and Kasdan even wrote the thing. Since then, I've been following all of his releases and they have gotten progressively worse (Orange County, Walk Hard, Bad Teacher). Now comes this mess starring Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz, an ugly comedy that tries to get laughs out of people being very, very uncomfortable. The two play a husband and wife who don't know how to have sex with each other anymore, so they make a video using an iPad. Then, that video syncs up with a bunch of other iPads that they gave away as gifts, so a bunch of friends and family are at risk of seeing them naked and sweaty. Somehow, Kasdan manages to work in an overlong bit of Segel getting attacked by a dog, while supporting stars like Rob Corddry and Rob Lowe labor for laughs. The film feels like a flat, dated and shameless piece of advertising for Apple—who must be seriously regretting the decision to allow their product placement in this movie—and internet porn. Let it be known that Diaz and Segel look and sound absolutely disgusting when they are making out.