Sex and the City

Rated 2.0

I love Sarah Jessica Parker and I enjoy the character of Mr. Big as played by Chris Noth. The Carrie (Parker) and Mr. Big elements of this film are definitely fun, but, at two and a half hours, this big screen adaptation of the popular TV show cannot maintain a desirable level of entertainment. Everybody’s back and, unfortunately, that means we have to listen to Kim Cattrall speak in her Samantha voice, and that becomes a wearisome task. Kristin Davis is cute as Charlotte (even as her character craps her pants) and Cynthia Nixon does okay work as Miranda, but a subplot involving Samantha in Los Angeles drags on the film. Fans of the show will be plenty happy, and non-fans will be in hell. I was a passive fan of SATC, and that’s pretty much how I feel about the big screen version. It needed to drop a half hour or so (just lose Samantha!) and I think that would’ve helped. That, and some Maalox for Charlotte.