Senior power

Bianka Dodov

Photo By Deidre Pike

Freshmen were being oriented like crazy Tuesday afternoon at Reno High School. Bianka Dodov, 17, had registered the day before. That’s just one of the joys of being a high school senior. Another is working in the student store, where customers get a free Husky antennae ball or decal with each purchase. “Husky gear, get your Husky gear,” hawked Bianka as students and parents walked by. Some asked for change for the vending machines. Others put their names on waiting lists for popular clothing items with the Reno High Husky logo. Bianka seemed relaxed, wearing a knit Husky headband with the tag still attached in back and chatting with her friends, who say they’re fans of the RN&R because they can get it free in coffee shops.

Did you have a relaxing summer?

Not really. I went to Europe with my family. We went to Bulgaria because that’s where my parents are from. That was fun. And then we took a trip to California to visit schools there. Plus, I’ve been volunteering and working.

How’s high school going for you?

It’s good. I like it. Our school is really school-spirited. It’s fun at games and assemblies because everybody gets into it.

What kinds of activities are you involved in?

I play water polo. There’s one team for all of the [area] high schools. And I’m with the student leadership. It’s our job to run the student store, plan dances, homecomings and lots of other school activities. I volunteer at Bernice Mathews Elementary School. I work with teachers there, helping them out. And I work at Newman’s Deli on California [Avenue]. A lot of kids go there for lunch.

How’d you get that job?

The owner knows me because I’ve gone there so often for lunch.

What’s selling well at the school store today?

Sweatshirts always sell the best because kids wear them to football games a lot.

When you registered Monday, did you get the classes you want?

I didn’t want AP Government, but I have to take it. When you’re a senior, it’s easier to get the classes you want.

What are your plans for after high school?

I’m applying for USC, UCLA, NYU and Santa Barbara.

Sounds like you want to get out of town.

Yes, I do. I’m going to apply to UNR just in case, but I pretty much want to go somewhere else.

Do you anticipate having a stressful senior year?

Yes, I have no doubt—just juggling classes, work and applying for schools.